RAFEN – Regularized Alignment Framework for Embeddings of Nodes

RAFEN pipeline overview


Learning representations of nodes has been a crucial area of the graph machine learning research area. A well-defined node embedding model should reflect both node features and the graph structure in the final embedding. In the case of dynamic graphs, this problem becomes even more complex as both features and structure may change over time. The embeddings of particular nodes should remain comparable during the evolution of the graph, what can be achieved by applying an alignment procedure. This step was often applied in existing works after the node embedding was already computed. In this paper, we introduce a framework – RAFEN – that allows to enrich any existing node embedding method using the aforementioned alignment term and learning aligned node embedding during training time. We propose several variants of our framework and demonstrate its performance on six real-world datasets. RAFEN achieves on-par or better performance than existing approaches without requiring additional processing steps.

International Conference on Computational Science 2023
Piotr Bielak
Piotr Bielak
AI Frameworks Engineer @ Intel | Assistant Professor @ PWr

My research interests include graph machine learning and unsupervised learning methods.